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Jiafeng Hua, Hui Zhu, Fengwei Wang, Ximeng Liu and Rongxing Lu
Xidian University
266 Xinglong Section of Xifeng Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710126, China


Online medical primary diagnosis system, which can provide convenient medical decision support through applying mobile communication and data analysis technology, has been considered as a promising approach to improving the quality of healthcare service. However, it still faces many severe challenges on the privacy of users’ health information and the accuracy of diagnosing result, and which could deter the wide adoption of online medical primary diagnosis system. In this paper, a precise diagnosis model is first proposed by using skyline computation over medical dataset, and then, we propose an efficient and privacy-preserving online medical primary diagnosis framework (CINEMA). Within CINEMA framework, Users can access online medical primary diagnosing service accurately without divulging their medical data. Specifically, based on fast secure permutation and comparison technique, the encrypted user’s query is directly operated at the service provider without decryption, and the diagnosis result can only be decrypted by the user, meanwhile, the diagnosis model in service provider can also be protected. Through extensive analysis, we show that CINEMA can ensure that user’s health information and healthcare provider’s diagnosis model are kept confidential, and has significantly less computation and communication. In addition, performance evaluations via implementing CINEMA demonstrate its effectiveness in term of a real online environment.


Online medical primary diagnosis system.

  System Model

System model under consideration.

  Proposed scheme

the architecture of CINEMA.


(a) Select organs

(b) Select the type of disease.

(c) Enter medical data.

(d) Prediagnosis result.

  Computation complexity of CINEM

(a) Computation cost of SP in CINEMA and CDSS (m=10).

(b) Computation cost of user in CINEMA and CDSS (m=10).

(c) Computation cost of SP.

(d) Computation cost of user.

(e) Communication overhead of CINEMA.

  Demo Download

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