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Qing Wei, Hui Zhu, Xiaopeng Yang, Rongxing Lu and Hui Li
Xidian University
266 Xinglong Section of Xifeng Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi 710126, China


With the pervasiveness of mobile devices and the development of biometric technology, biometric identification, which can achieve individual authentication relies on personal biological or behavioral characteristics, has attracted widely considerable interest. However, privacy issues of biometric data bring out increasing concerns due to the highly sensitivity of biometric data. Aiming at this challenge, in this paper, we present a novel privacy-preserving online fingerprint authentication scheme, named e-Finga, over encrypted outsourced data. In the proposed e-Finga scheme, the user's fingerprint registered in trust authority can be outsourced to different servers with user's authorization, and secure, accurate and efficient authentication service can be provided without the leakage of fingerprint information. Specifically, an improved homomorphic encryption technology is introduced to achieve an efficient online fingerprint matching algorithm over encrypted FingerCode data in the outsourcing scenarios. Through detailed security analysis, we show that e-Finga can resist various security threats. In addition, we implement e-Finga over a workstation with a real fingerprint database, and extensive simulation results demonstrate that the proposed e-Finga scheme can serve efficient and accurate online fingerprint authentication.

  System Model

  FingerCode-based id matching

System diagram of the FingerCode-based id matching

  Scheme illustration

(a) Encryption Template Authorization

(b) Fingerprint Matching

  Computation complexity and integrated performance

(a) Computation cost of OASer with different FingerCode dimensions.

(b) Computation cost of TA with different FingerCode dimensions.

(c) Computation cost of user with different FingerCode dimensions.

(d) Query and response time with different FingerCode dimensions.

  Scheme Comparison

Query and response time in e-Finga and PFRS

  Demo Download

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