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A simple introduction to myself


Welcome to my personal home page, the home page which will be continuously updated some of their own project experience, upbringing and other related articles.By the way,welcome to contact with me~~

Name:Chao Song

Address:No.2 South Taibai Road,Xi'an 710071,China


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A small virus in windows

The first time to achieve a virusJune 25,2015


Under intense three-month effort that he and partner finally realized write a windows virus. This virus under windows XP test environment to achieve a lookup file, delete, replace, and the basic functions of self-replication. On the most basic functions, adding the virus since the launch, U disk and the ability LAN communication. In order for the virus to be more safe operation, the transformation of the virus, the virus will be hidden process, and no interface treatment. In the test virtual machine is found, the virus can completely destroy windows XP system without anti-virus software to detect. However, in subsequent windows version, with the UAC feature was added, the results of the virus greatly discounted. After all, it is a small independent experiments, could make this work their own small or very satisfied ~

3D laser scanner

A College Students Innovation Experiment ProgramMay 14, 2015


In the school competition, team members themselves and produced a 3D laser scanner. Now, after a lot of information on the Internet, to develop a work plan to achieve, under the division of labor members, and gradually achieved related functions. The scanner can scan a final outer contour of the object in front of accuracy also hit the expected requirements. After concluding that he and the members feel very rewarding.